Make Peace With The Mirror Masterclass

Make Peace With The Mirror Masterclass

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Masterclass format is daily bite size lessons that will build a process to love yourself and support you to find the confidence to be you. Hosted in private Face Book group from the 23rd April to the 4th June

“We are ALL stars wrapped in skin – the light you are looking for has always been within”

When you look in the mirror you critique the woman you see, you judge your body and the person you are. This starts the story of you not being enough and so that is what you see. The problem is this stops you from allowing your light to shine. It stops you from BEING YOU as you give an edited version of yourself to the world.

The noise of the world, the loud messages telling you what you should look like, all of the roles you play…it all keeps your very busy pushing, striving to be BETTER.

You have been sold a story that you need to go in pursuit of looking for happiness in how your body looks. That if you reach this perfect ideal you will find some kind of blissful life!

A perfect body will not deliver you happiness. Beauty is an inside job. Making peace with the mirror means learning to let your inner beauty out. Firstly that means uncovering the amazingly gorgeous woman that you already are. Regardless of your age, size or body shape!

How would it feel to look in the mirror and smile, and really find joy in being you?

Making peace with the mirror means learning to really know yourself and love yourself anyway.

And you MUST know yourself. For if you do not you will follow others down their path and never find your own. You will live a life trying to fit in and be something other than who you are. You will live a life to please others instead of giving yourself the love you deserve. I’ve been there and it left me worn out and unhappy.

Truth is YOU were born to shine, you were born beautiful and that comes from the inside. You can use your style as a way to express that and find the confidence to be you. To believe in yourself.

Imagine what you could do if you really believed in yourself?

Happiness is within you. Self love is something you need to do daily to find it.

The Make Peace With The Mirror Masterclass will help you to dig into what is stopping you feeling great about being you, and support you to find the strategies you need to overcome this.

You will learn how to use your time getting dressed as a self love practice. A practice that will help you to uncover what styles help you to feel gorgeous about being you. That will help you to stop seeing only shit bits in the mirror and help you to find your gorgeousness. When you find your gorgeous and make peace with the mirror, you find the amazing woman you were born to be and you find the FREEDOM to express who you are.

If you ONLY see your shit bits when you look in the mirror, you need a new looking glass. When you find that new looking glass you can change your life. You will feel great in your style and most importantly you will feel great about being you.

There is a way to be yourself, that is the journey of finding your gorgeous. It is a freedom that will fill your heart with joy as you find the freedom to truly BE YOU and show that to the world.

Are you ready to UP LEVEL your life and uncover the gorgeous woman you are?

Will you start 2018 giving yourself what you need to live a great life?

Join this Masterclass starting 23rd April and make 2018 the year you learn to use your time getting dressed to activate self love and celebrate the woman you are. You’re worth it!

Hope to see you there.