Rhana's Story

Rhana had a Personal Wardrobe and Style consultation and this is how it changed her life.

Q. What are the stories you have believed about your body in the past?
A. While I was going up I was told that I was fat and had Aunty Joan's legs (this is kindly from my mother). Friends told me that my comfy clothes I love to wear, make me look frumpy.

Q. How did those stories make you feel about yourself and your body?
A. These comments made me want to wear a full burqa, especially when I went swimming.

Q.Would you say these stories have lead you to focus heavily on the parts of your body you least like, the shit bits!!?? 
A. In my teens and early twenties I never let those comments affect me but in later years after having my son I really felt I lost my fashion identity, my fashion mojo. I hated going out because I hated getting dressed and I hated my body. No matter how slim I have been I never ever felt confident in myself.

Q. What has helped you to change these stories and make peace with the woman you see in the mirror? 
A. You!! From you teaching me to love what I see in the mirror, from you teaching me that my body is only the wrapping on the delicious chocolate. You teaching me to wear what I love and to just tweek a few things.

Q. How different do you feel now that you have changed these stories?
A. I feel a weight has been lifted. 

Q. What does life feel like now? 
A.Content. I wear swimmers with no shirt, no shorts and no shit given!!

What I expected you to “TELL” me and what I expected you to “DO” are so vastly different from what you actually taught me and what you gifted me with. My afternoon spent with you was just like having my best friend over to go through my wardrobe and who was honest but not brutal, who cared and wanted to share, who listened to my past to give me a better love for myself.
Mandy what you teach women is beyond fashion and clothing, it is what all mothers should teach us. You are an angel and I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.....

If you would like to know more about having a personal Wardrobe and style consultation, please contact me for further details. This IS a life changing experience, and I would LOVE to share it with you xxx