Make Peace With The Mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you kind to yourself? Are you happy with who you are and how you look?

Truth is most women are not! In fact most of us spend our life editing and fighting against who we are. We live in a world that sells us a story that if we could just be better we would be happier, so we go in pursuit of this.

Here's the thing, this pursuit of trying to be different and apologise for who we are is supposed to make us happy, yet I have NEVER met a woman in pursuit of this BS ideal that is happy!

This is why WE MUST Make Peace With The Mirror! WE must change what we are in pursuit of!! 

Making peace with the mirror means uncovering who you are, uncovering what it means for you to really BE YOU. Giving yourself permission to shine and let the world see YOU for all you are. Because how you speak to yourself matters!

This means going in pursuit of BEING you, turning up the self love an finding the tools that can help you to shift the mind stories that have you thinking you're not enough. The stories that stop you wearing your bikini at the beach, that stop you getting in photos, that stop you loving who you are!

You style is a POWERFUL tool to help you to feel confident about how you look and who you are. When you use your time getting dressed to activate SELF LOVE you start a positive conversation with yourself, you activate your inner cheerleader and drown out that inner critic.

When you think back 20 years and look at photos back then you wish you had made the most of what you had, you wish you had celebrated who you were! In 20 years from now you will think the same thing about now! It's time to change the story, it's time to make peace with the mirror. You were born beautiful and I know that when you can truly see the gorgeous woman you are in the mirror, you can live the life you were born to live.

When you make peace with the mirror your reflection changes!                       When you make peace with the mirror life changes!

Check out the stories below of ladies who have made peace with the mirror and how they have done that! 

If you are ready to make peace with the mirror click the link below to a workshop, programme and start your journey now! Because you were BORN gorgeous, and you deserve to find your gorgeous and LOVE WHO YOU ARE!

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