Kerrie's Story

Kerrie Mace is a gorgeous lady who had been very happy with her body when she was younger however as she got older and her body changed,  and she lost herself.

Kerrie explains “ I lost my way in regards to what to wear and where to buy clothes. I was uncertain what suited me as my body  as it had changed now I was in my forties. I felt unsure about myself and I lacked confidence. It affected me so much that I built a wall around myself and wanted to hide!”

The truth was even though Kerrie had been happier with her body in the past she had always had an issue with her tummy and arms. She had always worried about these areas and believed these parts of herself were her shit bits regardless of whether she was a size 10, 12, 14 or 16. So even though she was happier with her body before she hit forty there had NEVER been a time where she was truly happy with who she saw in the mirror!

How many of us look back 20 years and think why did I worry so much about my body? Most of us know that we should have made the most of what we had back then. In fact 20 years from now you will look back and wonder why you worried so much!! The truth is gravity and life affect everyone, the trick to being happy with who you are, is learning to love who you are right now. Love ALL of you, even the shit bits!!!

When I met Kerrie she was focused heavily on covering herself up. Here you can see her in a dress which is shapeless. When we added a belt Kerrie enjoyed wearing this dress but when she wore it without the belt she simply thought all it did was cover her up. Even though she wanted to cover up it wasn't until we added the belt that she started to feel good in this dress.



Your style will either help you love or loathe yourself! When Kerrie learnt HOW to use her style to activate self-love she became a whole lot more confident about who she is and stopped letting her body changes and shit bits hold her back!

I asked Kerrie what helped her to make peace with the mirror. She answered;                             “ Where do I start!!!!  I had seen and read for many years tips and tricks for people how to dress for their body shape.  But just reading them was not enough.  I had a stack of clothes hanging up that I loved and bought, but did not know how to wear them. I had Mandy visit and we spent a few hours going through my clothes sorting out what worked and what did not.  I couldn’t believe I only had 2 items that did not work for me.  I learnt a lot.  I learnt new ways of wearing styles and how to put together different style combinations to accentuate my gorgeousness!!! I dress to make peace with myself every day and my lovely husband loves it too.”  

Kerrie is one if the sweetest ladies you will meet, a woman who makes everyone feel gorgeous with her skills in hair and makeup. I am so happy she has made peace with the mirror, she is truly shining and helping other woman to do the same.

I asked Kerrie how she feels about herself now, she answered. “  Wow I am excited to dress the way I do. I feel confident and that is a big deal for all of us ladies.  People see it and feel it and they are drawn to you I believe.  I still have little moments as we all do but I focus on the BIG PICTURE and that is my best features and I walk out of my home with my head held high”.

 The truth is ALL of us, every single one of us will experience body changes and this can really affect how you feel about yourself. If you are struggling you obviously don’t know what you need to know! The styles you once wore may not work anymore BUT there ARE styles out there for you! You just got to know where to look!!!

Be like Kerrie and go looking for the answers! Once you have them you can learn to love who you are and make Peace With the Mirror!


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