DIY Style and Wardrobe Guide


This is the ultimate experience where you will uncover the power your wardrobe has to help you to feel gorgeous! You are going to get clear on the styles that will give you the confidence to BE YOU. You will understand how to use your time getting dressed to activate self love and create a positive mindset and body image.


We are going to get rid of the styles holding you back, identify the styles which work for you and change the way you shop and feel about your style. I am coming into your wardrobe to help you uncover the hidden value waiting to be discovered. There are outfit options you have never thought of I promise!! We are going to go through everything in your wardrobe and I am going to help you to understand what works, what doesn’t and most importantly why!!!!




I am going to help you to implement a system which will take your wardrobe from chaos to control. You will be able to clearly see what you have and identify what you require to add further value to your wardrobe. I will also give you a system to keep your shopping on track and make sure you don’t fall back into wasting money on styles you don’t wear!!

Most importantly you are going to learn how to build a wardrobe full of outfit options which celebrate you!! Outfits which cover all your needs, moods and life challenges!! This is only for women who are ready to get out of their own way and really find their gorgeous!!This experience will take 4 hours and will be life changing!