About Us


As a woman in my forties with 25 years in fashion and styling under my belt, 18 years of mothering, 20 years of marriage, 1 total breakdown/breakthrough and health challenges, life has gifted me many learnings!

In my own journey of totally losing who I was, and in doing so finding who I really was all along, I have uncovered the power of self love! It was the tool with which I re built my life, and so I decided to dedicate my time to helping other women do the same. 

Empowered women are empowering. My mission is to help women to overcome the limitations holding them back from loving who they are so they can let their soul shine through. As style is my lane I realised every woman needed to learn how to use their time getting dressed to activate self love! I knew no matter what age, size or body shape women everywhere were looking in the mirror and looking at their shit bits. Judging and critiquing themselves, beginning their day self loathing with stories going around in their mind that they are not good enough.

I have seen SO MUCH self loathing in my years at the change room, in wardrobes and styling women. I have indeed carried around my own very heavy shame stick, beating myself with it at any opportunity.

I have been on my own journey finding my gorgeous. I have uncovered the power self love has to change your world. I want to share the power your style and wardrobe has to support you to activate self love, make peace with the mirror and truly find your gorgeous.

Finding Gorgeous is my legacy. I want to show my children you can make a difference, you can follow your heart and reach your dreams. I want to change the self loathing body image stories woman have and stop them passing this onto their children.

I'm bold, I'm colourful and get a bit like BIG KEV when I'm excited! I am blessed with 2 sons in their late teens and a wonderful husband. The unconditional love they have for me  and  I have for them takes my  breath away every time I think about it. 

I'm a lover of life, a self love activist, a dream chaser, an illuminator and cheerleader for all women. Really I just help women to find the gorgeous woman who has been their all along.

I feel truly blessed to work with every incredible woman I meet. It truly makes my heart sing to support women to really shine.

Thank you for being here, please let me know how I can help you to find your gorgeous. 

Mandy Hargreaves